Create your future with us

We are the market leader, so we get the most high-profile and complex parking and restoration projects in the world!

We thrive on the complexities involved in designing parking structures, extending the life of the built environment, and developing solutions to our clients’ most vexing parking challenges!

We offer employees the autonomy to grow in their career, make an impact, and create their own future with us!

Walker Parking Consultants is an equal opportunity employer by choice.


Our Passion

Excellence keeps us coming back every day!

  • Leading the industry. Walker encourages team members to be on the leading edge of our industry. Not only is it encouraged, it is rewarded!
  • Experts developing experts. You will learn from the best in the industry! Your professional development is our priority. Parking is a complex business. You will work side-by-side with the leading experts!
  • Creating future leaders. In order to maintain continuity of the firm, we deliberately prepare each generation to lead and manage it well into the future. We are dedicated to ensuring the health of the company for years to come through smart decision making by people who have been carefully prepared to assume those roles. We offer a dual career track…join us and leave your mark on the firm!
  • Embracing green initiatives. Walker has partnered with the Green Parking Council, and several of our projects highlight our commitment to sustainability. We encourage our engineers, project managers, and architects to become LEED accredited.
  • Owned by our employees. Walker has long believed decisions affecting the health of the firm should be made by individuals who have a personal stake in the company. As an independent, employee-owned firm, we make our own decisions and are in control of our destiny. The Walker stock ownership plan is designed to provide a wide distribution of ownership to a large percentage of employees across all disciplines.
  • Innovation. We are constantly pushing the envelope to identify trends and meet our clients’ unique needs. This can only be accomplished through proactive research, understanding the intricacies of the industry, allowing creativity, and managed risk-taking. In fact, we establish a budget each year specifically for R&D, which allows employees to pursue their area of interest.

“At Walker, our project managers don’t just push paper, manage internal teams and prepare deliverables; they often become the face of the project. We delegate critical responsibilities like leading client meetings and presentations to our project managers. Across all of our disciplines, Walker’s project managers are responsible for determining client requirements and developing solutions from the beginning to the end of projects.”

– Mary Smith, Senior Vice President