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Walker is a world-wide parking consulting company with over 225 employees located globally in seventeen offices. Click on any office location to view its coverage area.

Ann Arbor

525 Avis Drive, Suite 1
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Phone: 734.663.1070
Fax:  734.663.1717
Managing Principal: Michael E. Johnson, PE
Business Development: Richard L. Jeppesen
Restoration: Michael E. Johnson, PE

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20 Park Plaza, Suite 1202
Boston, MA  02116
Phone:  617.350.5040
Fax:  617.350.5048
Managing Principal: Arthur G. Stadig, PE
Business Development: Arthur G. Stadig, PE
Restoration: David W. Johnston

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13860 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 140
Charlotte, NC  28277
Phone:  704.247.6230
Managing Principal: Joey D. Rowland, PE
Business Development: Joey D. Rowland, PE
Restoration: Joey D. Rowland, PE

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850 W. Jackson Boulevard, Suite 310
Chicago, IL  60607
Phone:  312.633.4260
Fax:  312.633.4262
Managing Principal: David W. Ryan, PE
Business Development: Heather A. Hopkins
Restoration: Daniel E. Moser, SE, PE

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5350 S. Roslyn Street, Suite 220
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Phone: 303.694.6622
Fax:  303.694.6667
Managing Principal: Robert E. Stanley, PE, LEED AP
Business Development: Mindy Davine
Restoration: Luis Estenssoro, PE

Elgin (Headquarters)

505 Davis Road
Elgin, IL  60123
Phone:  847.697.2640
Fax:  847.697.7439
Managing Principal: David W. Ryan, PE
Business Development: Heather A. Hopkins
Restoration: Daniel E. Moser, SE, PE

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2525 Bay Area Boulevard, Suite 400
Houston, TX  77058
Phone:  281.280.0068          
Fax:  281.280.0373
Managing Principal: Kenneth C. Wagner, PE
Business Development: Kenneth C. Wagner, PE 
Restoration: Alfredo E. Bustamante, PE, CDT

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6602 E. 75th Street, Suite 210
Indianapolis, IN  46250
Phone:  317.842.6890
Fax:  317.577.6500
Managing Principal: Todd A. Lohman, PE
Business Development: Jeffrey M. Smallidge, PE
Restoration: K. Nam Shiu, SE, PE

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2121 Hudson Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
Phone: 269.381.6080
Fax:  269.343.5811
Managing Principal: Michael E. Johnson, PE
Business Development: Richard L. Jeppesen
Restoration: Michael E. Johnson, PE

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Los Angeles

606 S. Olive Street, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA  90014
Phone: 213.488.4911           
Fax:  213.488.4983
Managing Principal: Daniel R. Johns, PE
Business Development: An Nguyen
Restoration: Daniel R. Johns, PE

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1660 S. Highway 100, Suite 424
Minneapolis, MN  55416
Phone: 952.595.9116
Fax:  952.595.9518
Managing Principal: Terrence A. Hakkola, PE
Business Development: Terrence A. Hakkola, PE
Restoration: Terrence A. Hakkola, PE

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New York

50 West 23rd Street, Suite 704
New York, NY  10010
Phone: 212.288.2501
Fax:  212.288.2543
Managing Principal: Carolyn H. Krasnow, PhD
Senior Project Manager: David J. Vander Wal, PE
Business Development: Carolyn H. Krasnow, PhD
Restoration: Leon Y. Geoxavier, AIA

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565 E. Swedesford Road, Suite 300
Wayne, PA  19087
Phone: 610.995.0260
Fax:  610.995.0261
Managing Principal: James W. Pudleiner, PE
Business Development: Michael B. Hacke, PE
Restoration: Gregory J. Neiderer, PE

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San Francisco

135 Main Street, Suite 1030
San Francisco, CA  94105
Phone: 415.644.0630
Fax:  415.644.0637
Managing Principal: Michael Robertson
Business Development: Michael Robertson
Restoration: Vlad I. Ivanov, SE, PE

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2211 Elliott Avenue, Suite 235
Seattle, WA  98121
Phone: 206.745.9555
Restoration: Vlad I. Ivanov, SE, PE

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4904 Eisenhower Boulevard, Suite 150
Tampa, FL  33634
Phone: 813.888.5800
Fax:  813.888.5822
Managing Principal: Gary S. Rider, PE
Business Development: Thomas Sobczak
Restoration: Brian K. Preston, PE

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Abu Dhabi

Nahel Tower (Bank of Oman Building)
Floor 0, Office 01
Najda Street,  PO Box 45847
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phone: +971.2.644.0664
Fax:  +971.2.644.2774
Managing Principal: James H. Dib, PE
Business Development: Stephen A. Cebra
Restoration: K. Nam Shiu, SE, PE