Design Through Collaboration

During the design phase, your parking garage actually begins to take shape and the advantages of having Walker as part of your team become apparent.

Parking design is about user comfort, patron convenience, and security and not just about fitting a set number of vehicles into a certain space. It is our goal to design features such as proper lighting, clear and easy-to-read graphics, and carefully planned pedestrian and traffic flow systems into all facilities.  Glass-backed elevator cabs and stairwells, and audio and video surveillance systems add to safety and security.

A garage’s design should also have a positive impact on its operation. Design of a parking structure is planned to keep management and operational near- and long-term costs low for years to come. Whenever possible, we specify money-saving items such as high output lighting and simple operating equipment that facilitates self–parking. We strive to minimize the need for mechanical ventilation, maximize sustainability, and extend durability.

When the parking garage design is complete, we’re there to help you through the entire construction process, from selecting and negotiating with a contractor, administering and observing construction, to facility commissioning.

Our areas of expertise include: Expand All

Design services include:

  • Prime Design
  • Architecture
  • Structural Engineering
  • Durability Engineering
  • Mechanical/Electrical Engineering
  • Automated Parking System Design
  • Lighting/Signage/Wayfinding Design
  • Functional Design
  • Access and Circulation System Design
  • Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems Design

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