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Springfield Town Center Garages

Springfield, Virginia

Two precast pre-stressed concrete parking structures totaling 4,050 spaces originally built in 1973

The Springfield Town Center, located south of Washington, DC, opened in 1973 as the Springfield Mall. The center, which sits on an 80-acres site, consisted of a 1.7 million square feet enclosed mall, 2 parking garages containing a total of 4,050 parking spaces as well as nearly 4,100 on-grade parking spaces – Garage A contains 850 spaces, one pedestrian bridge and one vehicular bridge; Garage B has 3,200 spaces, three pedestrian bridges and one vehicular bridge.

A condition appraisal of each garage, expansion joint and waterproofing repair documents, and the construction administration of the recommended repairs was part of the Asset Management Program that Walker prepared for Vornado Realty Trust.

These repairs permitted shoppers to continue to patronize their favorite stores using convenient parking within each construction phase. New, similar, stand-alone parking garages currently cost between $15,000 and $20,000 per parking space, while these garages were renovated at a cost near $1,000 per parking space, or 5% to 7% of the replacement cost. The repairs, which were primarily waterproofing in nature, will extend the life of these garages by more than 10 years in a cost-effective manner.