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Rashid Ahmed, PE, SE

Vice President/Chief Engineer-Elgin

Mike Albers, PE

Senior Project Manager-Philadelphia

Scott Ashley, PE

Director of Operations-New York

Phil Baron

Director of Studies-Chicago

Brian J. Bartholomew, CAPP

Business Development/Senior Parking Consultant

Deon Bender, PE

Director of Operations-UAE

Chris Brennan, PE

Director of Operations-Boston

Al Bustamante, PE

Director of Restoration-Houston

Randy Carwile, PE

Director of Operations-Indianapolis

Steve Cebra

Managing Director International-Boston

Justin Chang, AIA

Director of Design-San Francisco

Jim Dib, PE

Vice President/Managing Principal-UAE

John Dorsett, AICP, CPP

Senior Vice President/Senior Director of Consulting-Indianapolis

Brian Faith, RA

Director of Restoration-Denver

Scott Froemming, PE

Managing Principal-Minneapolis

Terry Hakkola, PE

Vice President-Minneapolis

Tom Hannula, PE

Senior Vice President/Managing Director Central-Elgin

Larry Hofmockel, PE

Senior Project Manager-Denver

Matt Hunt, PE

Director of Restoration-Michigan

Victor Iraheta, PE

Vice President/Senior Project Manager-Tampa

Jake Jeppesen

Parking Consultant-Kalamazoo

Dan Johns, PE

Vice President/Managing Principal-Los Angeles

David Johnston

Director of Restoration-Boston

Joe Juzwiak, LC, PE

MEP Department Head-Kalamazoo

Rick Klein, PE

Vice President/Managing Principal-Ann Arbor

Gary Koch, PE

Vice President/Senior Project Manager-Elgin

Dave Koski, PE

Vice President/Senior Project Manager-San Francisco

Carrie Krasnow, PhD

Vice President/Managing Principal-New York

Dan Kupferman, CAPP

Principal/Dir. of Car Park Management Systems-Boston

Annie Lo, AIA

Director of Restoration-San Francisco

Todd Lohman, PE

Vice President/Managing Principal-Indianapolis

Bryan Miller, PE

Director of Operations-Michigan

Dan Moser PE, SE

Director of Restoration-Elgin

Brad Navarro, PE

Director of Operations-Elgin

Greg Neiderer, PE

Director of Restoration-Philadelphia

An Nguyen

Director of Business Development-Los Angeles

Abby O’Gara

Business Development Representative-Boston

Jim Orchard, CPA

Chief Financial Officer-Tampa

Brian Preston, PE

Director of Operations-Tampa

Jim Pudleiner, PE

Vice President/Managing Principal-Philadelphia

Bill Reiter, PE

Executive Vice President/Managing Director East-Philadelphia

Mike Retterath, PE

Director of Restoration-Minneapolis

Gary Rider, PE

Vice President/Managing Principal-Tampa

Joey Rowland, PE

Managing Principal-Charlotte

Dave Ryan, PE

Vice President/Managing Principal

Carl Schneeman, PE

Director of Operations-Minneapolis

Phill Schragal

Director of Operations Consulting-Chicago

Nam Shiu, PE, SE

Senior Vice President/Senior Director of Restoration-Chicago

Jeff Smallidge, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Director of Business Development-Indianapolis

Mary Smith, PE

Senior Director of Parking Consulting-Indianapolis

Chad Snyder

Senior Parking Consultant-Houston

Art Stadig, PE

Vice President/Managing Principal-Boston

Kate Stairs, PE

Director of Operations-Philadelphia

Bob Stanley, PE

Vice President/Managing Principal-Denver

Kirk Taylor, PE

Director of Design-Denver

Steffen Turoff, AICP

Principal/Director of Studies-Los Angeles

Dave Vander Wal, PE

Senior Vice President-New York

Casey Wagner, PE

Executive Vice President/COO-Houston

Jim Warner, PE

Director of Operations-Houston

Beccy Whyte

Business Development Representative-Houston

Mark Wildman

Director of Business Development-Chicago