Parking / Building / General Restoration – “Extending the service life of the built environment”

In addition to design and consulting services Walker also provides a full spectrum of restoration solutions to owners through our specialized restoration division Walker Restoration Consultants. Whether you own or manage a parking structure, building, bridge, stadium, cooling tower, or any other type of infrastructure, our state-of-the-art technical expertise will provide innovative solutions for all your restoration needs. Through our many years of experience, Walker has provided owners with long-lasting, cost-effective repairs, tailored to meet their unique restoration needs.

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Investigations and Assessments

Walker’s experts provide assessment, investigation, and testing of buildings and other structures to determine their current condition and provide technically correct solutions to the root cause of non-performance.

Repair Design

Our focused and comprehensive repair designs increase the value and extend the useful service life of structures while sustaining the Client’s goal and budget. We have experience with all forms of building materials, façade and window systems, roof and plaza construction, and specialty structures such as cooling towers, bridges, and stadiums.

Construction Administration & Observations

Walker has project management expertise to help Owners implement repairs in their structures. Comprehensive construction documents reduce the potential for change orders and provide on-site monitoring to verify the repair objectives are delivered by the selected contractor.