Walker is committed to sustainability, both in principle and in practice. By this, we exercise consulting, design, and business practices that meet the needs of our clients and employees in an environmentally, socially, and economically responsive manner.

Walker has been designing sustainable facilities for more than fifty years. Our parking structures require less maintenance, are more durable, and ultimately use less future material and resources. Our overall philosophy is to build and restore durable structures.

Since 2012 Walker has partnered with the Green Parking Council, who emerged from leaders in and around the parking industry motivated by a vision of parking as part of the solution. The Green Parking Council is now part of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Business Certification Inc. family. Parksmart Advisors (formerly Green Garage Assessors) lead clients through the certification process by evaluating parking facilities’ sustainable attributes and preparing their applications for certification submission.

We strongly support and encourage our technical personnel to become both Parksmart Advisors and LEED Accredited Professionals (APs). Several of our projects are fine examples of our commitment to sustainability.