Automated, mechanical parking structures utilize computer-controlled, motorized vertical lifts and horizontal shuttles to transport vehicles from the arrival level to a remote compartment for storage without human assistance – analogous to automated valet parking. They are also referred to as Automated Vehicle Storage/Retrieval Systems (AVSRS), Automated Parking Facilities, or Mechanical Access Parking Structures. The AVSRS Garages are gaining a lot of attention as one can accommodate the same number of parking spaces in half the volume of a conventional ramp-access, self-park garage. This feature results in faster construction so the AVSRS Garage can be placed into service faster and generate revenue sooner. When the AVSRS Garage is located underground, under a building, the savings in underground construction cost and improved efficiency of the automated garage can often offset the cost of the automated parking machinery. They also offer a high degree of convenience similar to automated valet parking. The vehicle is also more secure in the unoccupied storage vault and less susceptible to damage as it is parked by machines. Further, they can be built on sites that are too small for a conventional parking structure because they can occupy a much smaller footprint and allow more site area for higher and better use.