Walker’s market, economic and financial feasibility studies have assisted owners secure over $2 billion in parking project financing. Our studies have included virtually all land use types that feature paid parking. We study the market to determine parking demand and price elasticity characteristics, project parking demand and revenues, estimate operating expenses based on our extensive database and operating experience, and identify potential financing gaps. Our studies also provide essential information to real estate asset managers during the due diligence phase of the potential acquisition of a property involving parking.

Our P3 (Public/Private Partnership) practice has been involved on either the sell- or buy-side of virtually all of the major U.S. transactions involving parking assets. Our involvement is due in large part to the fact that Walker offers a single source of both financial and physical due diligence services.

The following services are provided in the capacity of a technical advisor:

  • Condition Assessment
  • Market & Financial Analysis
  • Operations and Maintenance Manual
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Assessment of Equipment Upgrades
  • Property Inventory
  • Energy Survey
  • Utilities Assessment
  • Service Life Calculations
  • Replacement Cost Analysis
  • Facilitated Bidder Tours of Assets
  • Participation in Bidder Meetings