At Walker, it’s both art and science

How many spaces do you need? How much should you charge? Where’s the best location? What kind of impact will your facility have on local street traffic? What if your needs change dramatically according to the time of day, time of year, or type of person looking for parking?

These are just some of the questions you have to ask before you move forward with the implementation of a parking plan. At Walker Parking Consultants, we’re ready to find the answers for you. It all starts with the fine art of listening. By listening carefully to your objectives and concerns, we help you avoid the mistakes that are so common during the parking planning process. As your partners, listening is our most important job.

Of course, before we make any recommendations, we also conduct studies that give us – and you – the data you need to make informed decisions. And you can be sure we have the expertise to provide you with results you can trust. The fact is, we’ve completed thousands of parking-related studies for a wide range of aviation, corporate, educational, governmental, healthcare, institutional, and retail clients.

Walker’s consulting services include a full spectrum of study services all the way through implementation of concepts and sound policies through parking operations, technology, and financial consulting. We have a dedicated group committed to developing and implementing plans that build on best practices and improve customer service, optimize parking revenues, and control expenses.