The highly competitive retail business environment requires that consultants add value to the developer/retailer’s bottom line. Quality service and knowledge of the retail business are pre-requisites to serving this industry.

Walker understands that retail succeeds by catering to customer demands. Traffic access and convenient parking are key components to the success formula. Saying you are a leader in the parking or retail industries is one thing. Demonstrating it is another. Leaders need to provide clients with leading-edge technology, innovative solutions and lower cost. In design and construction, change orders are the unknown costs of any project. Walker’s low change order percentage saves client’s money and improves project efficiency.

Experienced staff also demonstrate our ability to provide innovative solutions. Retail clients understand the learning curve required to train new employees. Combined with the quality process, our experienced employees are what differentiate Walker. When you need a parking solution, you can count on us to provide it with quality services that are on schedule and within budget.