Combining retail, residential, commercial, and office space, mixed-use developments are becoming an increasingly popular method of utilizing space efficiently in densely populated areas. Having completed more than 150 parking projects for these types of developments since 2000, Walker is an industry leader in providing design and consulting services for mixed-use parking structures.

In addition, Walker has worked on countless parking structures for retail, residential, commercial, and office projects. Combining our knowledge from each of these market segments allows us to ensure that the parking needs of a mixed-use development are met. Our experienced staff will communicate with the developer and the architect to fully understand the vision for the development, guaranteeing that parking is easily accessible for a wide variety of users.

Walker is dedicated to providing clients with cutting-edge solutions to their parking issues. For mixed-use developments, our wide range of services allows us to minimize cost while maximizing space. For example, a shared-use analysis performed by our Studies Group can be conducted at the start of a project to verify that parking areas are being accurately designated. Making sure that parking layout and design is correct from the beginning can save a client thousands of dollars.