Hospitals and other healthcare institutions present many unique parking challenges. Parking facilities must serve the needs of patients, visitors, and employees and they must provide a high level of comfort and ease of use. Many parkers at these institutions require accessible spaces above the conventional requirements, and design elements like flat parking areas, brightly illuminated floors and elevator lobbies. Clear and concise directional signage can also provide important benefits. All of these contribute to what Walker calls Level of Service (LOS).

Outpatient services, same day surgery and short stay procedures have increased the parking demand and created issues for not only the institution, but in many cases the surrounding neighborhoods. Likewise, suburban hospitals and rural facilities with adequate land may find the walking distances extreme for their patients and employees.

Over the course of its 50-year history, Walker has studied, planned and designed hundreds of healthcare parking systems in urban, suburban, and rural settings, all with the patient/visitor in mind.