One of the most critical issues you face as the owner of an entertainment (casino/gaming/hospitality/resort) facility is convenient, well-located, and safe parking areas for both your customers and employees.

In many of our large projects, the primary consideration was to park as many vehicles as quickly as possible with the most acceptable walking distance from their vehicle to the entrance of the building, thus capturing the true people experience.

Some of the issues that need to be asked in the initial programming process and relate to parking supply, demand, and operations are:

  1. What is the hourly parking demand basis for design days representing weekday, weekend and holiday conditions?
  2. What is the parking demand for employees, customers, vendors and other user groups
  3. How should the way finding experience be simplified for patrons going from their vehicle to the facility and returning?
  4. How might entering and exiting traffic volumes and circulations impact the location of the parking facilities?
  5. What are the most cost effective parking geometrics?
  6. What are the site and structural constraints?

We advocate the creation of a secure environment by eliminating hiding places, maximizing contiguous flat floor area and utilizing glass backed elevators for passive security.